Maintaining a Home Is Hard Work

Maintenance from the Top


One of the most important parts of any home is the roof, so maintenance from the top on down is an important consideration when owning a home. If the roof leaks, failing to make repairs immediately can result in water damage throughout the structure. It might seem that a small leak can wait, but water travels far and wide in areas never meant to get wet. The results of failing to do roof maintenance can be seen in walls with water stains, and it can be felt when ceilings joists collapse.

Many times it is a weather event that begins the process of damaging the roof, so any event should be followed up with a good visual inspection. That has been made easier today by the prevalence of drones, so climbing up onto the roof is not always necessary. Inspecting the shingles to ensure they are still there is a relatively easy way to know whether or not maintenance is needed, and it should be done on a regular basis to ensure water damage does not become an issue.

The majority of roofs have a stated wear life, so it is important to keep track of how long it has been since the roof was replaced. Many areas allow a roof to be shingled a second time without replacing anything else, so it could be a good idea to look at local regulations before starting repairs or replacement. Some contractors will not add a second layer of shingles even with the blessing of local regulations, so it might be necessary to shop around.

Replacing a roof is a big expense, and shingled roofs do have a limited wear life. Keeping them in good shape will ensure they do not need replacement until their full time is up, so taking the time to inspect and repair them is a good investment.