Maintaining a Home Is Hard Work

Taming the Backyard Jungle


One reason a house may be on the market is due to the passing of the owner. The home may have been empty for months or years, and those buying it could find there are plenty of small maintenance issues inside the structure to keep them busy when they first move in. Once they have conquered those items, they may begin by sprucing up the outside of the structure, and then they will likely work on the front yard. That will eventually leave them with the task of taming the backyard jungle.

Bushes, trees, and even grass are living plants that continue to grow under almost any conditions, and leaving a backyard untended for months at a time can result in massive overgrowth. A yard that just a year before was a beautifully tended lawn and garden can seem like a jungle when left on its own. Taming it may be the most correct way to assess the issue, and the use of power tools might be a good idea.

Cutting grass that has been left to grow wild and seed can take plenty of patience, but the work will be worth the effort as soon as the cutting is done. Garden plants left to continue growth without pruning can be a bit more difficult, and searching for thorns first could be a good plan. Finding that elusive garden fence might happen after only a few hours, but repairing it could take a few weekends of hard work.

Houses can generally be maintained easily if they are kept up on a regular basis, but even a few months of neglect can see big changes. While it often takes a year or more for a house to begin showing signs of massive neglect, it can take nothing more than a few months before the garden has reverted to is wild roots. Taming it might seem a daunting task, but it will be worthwhile once the work is done.